StrongStart Centre


April 28, 2020 Update:

Are you looking for resources for your little ones? Have a look at our James Hill Elementary Strongstart Facebook page. Providing our little learners with educational play opportunities helps invite children to build on prior knowledge and foster inquiry. Our Strongstart Facilitator Sam has been posting various  pre- kindergarten resources for families to access: story times, crafts, science experiments, and so much more. Stay connected with Sam, share how your family is doing; or share interest areas of your child that we can build on. Sam can be reached at  Stay connected at James Hill Elementary Strongstart.


An update regarding StrongStart:

Check out the James Hill StrongStart calendar. We are open from 1-4pm each school day.


Please note the closures for 2019-20:

Closures 2019-2020

September          3-set up

4-9-K gradual entry

10- admin/mtg at 10am SBO

20 Pro D- collaborate with school teams

October                 14-Thanksgiving

15-Admin closure-centre prep

25-Pro D-(Pre-K Kindergarten conference) one choice

November            8- Pro D ( Cupe 1260 LOU)- send in form

11- Remembrance Day

25- Admin closure- centre prep

December            20- Admin closure- clean up for shut down

January                   6-admin closure mtg at 8:30 SBO

7-Admin closure- setup, shop, prep

February                14-Pro D closure

17-Family Day

24- Admin closure- mtg 8:30 at SBO

March                     13- last day with families prior to Spring Break

30- reopen after Spring Break

April                         10- Good Friday

13- Easter Monday

14-Admin closure mtg at 8:30 SBO

May                          15-Pro D

18- Victoria Day

June                         18- last day with families

19-24 Attendance

25-26 Admin/ clean up, pack up


Learn more about Strong Start here

What is StrongStart? StrongStart is a complimentary early learning drop in program  for children birth to 5 years of age. Parents and/or caregivers attend this program with their children. The StrongStart facilitator, is a qualified early childhood educator that provides a rich play based learning environment full of activities. Activities provided will promote opportunities where children can make new friends, explore new activities and learn skills that will assist them in the preparation and successful transition to kindergarten. Families are encouraged to PLAY. Please check out the Facebook Page “James Hill Elementary StrongStart”. To register, simply bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate and you can register in class. Please feel free to drop in and join Facilitator Sam. The classroom is located on the east side of the school next door to Nurturing Hearts Preschool.  Families please enter the program through the exterior door located under the covered area.

 (from Ministry of Education site) 

StrongStart BC programs provide rich learning environments designed for early learning development – language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Qualified early childhood educators lead learning activities where children find opportunities to make friends and interact with others of similar ages.

The overall learning experience is shared as parents and caregivers attend with their children and are encouraged to get involved in activities like telling stories, playing games and serving healthy snacks. Join us to learn new ways to support your children’s learning, get information about community programs and services and make valuable connections with others attending the program.