The (Final) Week Ahead – June 26-29

Posted: June 25, 2017

Families of James Hill,

Here are some updates and reminders for the last week of school:

  • Our 3rd Annual FREE Summer Book “Shopping” Program is HERE!!! On Monday or Tuesday (depending on when classes were signed up), students get a chance to search through over 10,000 books and can choose up to 25 books to take home for FREE this summer! Students are encouraged to bring them back at the end of the summer… unless it is their favourite book(s) and they are not yet willing to part with it/them.  Special thank you to Mrs. Peck, Lindsay Gallichen, and Courtney Robichaud for their leadership with this. An additional thank you to all those of you who donated books and to those parents who helped set up Friday and/or throughout the year.
  • The Breakfast Program will run Mon-Tues-Wed this week. There will be no breakfast program on Thursday.  Thank you again to all the volunteers and sponsors that have helped to make this such a huge success!
  • Our Grade 5 Farewell is on Tuesday from 1:30-3:00 in our gym. Families of grade 5s have been invited to come in and join us as we honour our grade 5s in their final days at James Hill.
  • Our District Program for Students With Special Needs is in its final year. We want to honour the staff, students, and families so we are having a “Final Farewell Picnic” on Tuesday at 4:00 for those families and staff who have been impacted by the program over the years. Our grade 5s travel to HD Stafford on Wednesday from 9-12:30.
  • We are having an assembly on Wednesday from 1:00-1:45 in which we will honour our PAC as well as our retirees and staff that are leaving.
  • Our K classes will be having their celebration on Wednesday at 2:00 in the gym.
  • Thursday is our talent show and the last day for students.  The talent show will run from 9:45-11:00. Students will then return to their classrooms. Please do not take your child home after the talent show as the teachers would like the last bit of time with them. Students will be dismissed at 11:36am and will be given their report cards right before this.
  • There is no school for students this Friday as this is an administrative day for staff.
  • The school supplies order deadline has been extended until Thursday, June 29. The online ordering info can be found here.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
  • A final newsletter will be emailed out Friday that includes information for September as well as updates to staffing at our school.

Article of the Week:  Reconsidering the “Celebration” of Canada’s 150 Years.  As we approach July 1, it is important to acknowledge that many people in Canada might not be exactly “celebrating” the past 150 years. I have shared my reflections with the hopes that some will pause and reflect to better understand a broader picture of our nation’s history that includes perspectives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.