Black Excellence Day

Posted: January 13, 2022

Commemorating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., Black Excellence Day is both a day of education and remembrance, and an invitation to a necessary conversation about racial justice.

Last January, many people across Canada wore black shirts to call attention to the need for greater focus on education around Black history and the need to confront racial inequality.

This year, January 14 celebrates Black Excellence. Last year, people wore black shirts to mark our commitment to learning about Black history and achievement. In consultation with various cultural groups, we learned that the wearing of black shirts brought up traumatic experiences for Holocaust survivors. This is part of “know better, do better”. We change as we learn. The wearing of black shirts as a show of support is no longer recommended.

This Friday, show that you honour Black excellence and understand the need for a more inclusive education around Black history by engaging in learning, as we seek to learn about and recognize the great contributions of Black Canadians and in recognition of their struggle for civil rights.