JHE APFL 2020-21

Posted: February 8, 2021

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School improvement does not happen by itself. Serious school improvement does not consist of merely fiddling around the edges of the school’s organization, or implementing a single new program; rather, the process is comprehensive and encompasses everything done within the school. A comprehensive project of school improvement requires clarity of vision, breadth of view, and a determination to overcome inevitable obstacles that permits others to participate with confidence.

An Action Plan for Learning runs beyond clarifying a vision for school improvement, helping staff members to understand how their daily work supports the vision, and serves as an advocate for both students and staff, which are all critical for success. It is essential that teachers and support staff regard their actions in light of the core mission of the school: ensuring student success.

Our JHE Action Plan for Learning is a written document that describes the steps that all staff at JHE will complete to help maximize the transfer of learning. Aligned with an Academic Plan and Strategic Framework, the plan outlines mechanisms for improvement or expansion in the following areas:
• student engagement
• the development of transferable academic skills
• assessment of student learning
• data-driven decision-making around curriculum development and student support

The plan’s recommendations are intended to provide direction for both collective and individual innovation and improvement initiatives at the school, guide the development of strong support services for staff and students, and inform decision making with regard to all aspects of teaching and learning at JHE.