The Week Ahead – June 12-16

Posted: June 11, 2017

Families of James Hill,

Here are some reminders and updates for the week ahead:

  • Thank you to all those students, staff, and volunteers who helped make our 2017 Sports Day and Wheels Parade a great success!
  • Congratulations to our Operation Track Shoes team – Emma, Ali, and Karter – as they travelled to Victoria and came home with plenty of medals and ribbons! A special acknowledgement to Ruth and Rhonda for all their efforts over the years in making this trip possible each year! Ruth and Rhonda were honoured by the Operation Trackshoes organization this past weekend.
  • The library will not be open for early morning reading this week. Students are welcome to come and work on some schoolwork but the books cannot be taken off the shelves as Ms. Husel is completing inventory.
  • We are having our 2nd annual LSS Grad Walk this Thursday at 12:45. The grads of LSS that attended James Hill will be walking our halls as we all come out to cheer them on! You can see a video of last year’s grad walk below. A few parents have asked if they can come and watch and we would love to have you in our halls too – just make sure all the kids can see the grads as it is pretty crowded. 🙂
  • Grade 5s travel to Castle Fun Park for their year-end celebration. Permission forms are due Monday. Thank you to Jat Hans for his efforts in gaining donations to help pay for this.
  • Popcorn Day this Friday.
  • Only a few weeks left of Breakfast Club! Free delicious and healthy breakfast each morning from 8:00-8:30. Thank you to all those who have helped (and continue to help) make this possible! A special thank you again to our organizing committee (Marg, Lee-Ann, Nicole, and Jon) as well as McGill Realty and Southridge Fellowship for their huge support. It was also great to see some helpers from LSS there on Friday.
  • Don’t forget to order your school supplies online. The deadline is June 20th and the order info can be found here.
  • A reminder to please avoid bring toys to school as they often cause issues (getting broken, taken, or causing distractions). Sports equipment can be brought to the school with permission from classroom teachers.
  • Flip flops should be avoided for playground footwear as the wearing of these does cause safety concerns (and lots of slivers from the woodchips).

Video of the Week: LSS Grad Walk 2016

Have a great week!