2018 Year-End Information Letter

Posted: June 29, 2018

Families of James Hill,

It has been an amazing final week of another incredible year at our school filled with Grade 5 Farewell, Talent Show, and an assembly to honour PAC and leaving staff. (I will send a more personal thank you in the coming days). The gratitude this community shows to our school at this time of hte year is so appreciated and really helps us feel like we are a real community.

Congratulations to the grade 5s as they move on to their next schools. Thank you the grade 4/5 teachers for all their work in preparing for the farewell. Also, thank you to Madison, Sylvie, Daniel, and Hannah for their awesome speech showing appreciation of families and staff.

My hat goes off to the participants of our 2018 talent show! We had 19 performances and it was so wonderful to see students shine! Students shared their talents in front of a packed gym in areas such as singing, dancing, drums, piano, karate, gymnastics, and comedy/acting.  Thank you to the teachers who helped out with auditions and to Mr Steeves for his help with the show.

As with each year-end at schools, there are unfortunately changes with staff for a variety of reasons. We never like to lose quality people but this does happen and I wanted to share these with you:

  • Mrs Brooks has accepted a position in the Nanaimo School District so will be moving there with her family to start her next journey as a teacher. Mrs Brooks spent 3 years at our school and had many strong connections with staff, students, and families. The way she leads her classroom creates the conditions for students to be calm, yet inspired and ready to learn. We wish her all the best!
    • Mrs Coffin will be moving to teach grade 2/3 next year.
    • Our grade 1 position will be filled in the next few days.
  • Mrs Reavley will be welcoming a baby into her family this summer so will be off for the year on maternity leave. We are glad she will be rejoining us the year after that but will miss her calm, caring nature and creative ideas she brings to benefit students in her classroom.
    • This position will be filled in the next few days.
  • Mrs Atwal was in a term contract for this year so she will be moving on to another school for the fall. She came in to a class that had not had a consistent teacher and she handled with confidence and grace. She has a bright future as an educator because she understands that so much is about relationships. We thank her for her patience, efforts, and for always seeing the best in kids.
    • Miss Maki will be back teaching at our school next year but this time she will be in our grade 4/5 class. We are excited to have her back!
    • Miss Ford will likely by the successful applicant of one of our primary teaching positions.
  • Mrs Jankoviak was in for the last few months of the year but she will be leaving us to focus on her leadership work she does for kids in her community.  She came in and stayed in a position to help us out to make sure the students were taught and well taken care of. We have appreciated her dedication and professionalism to our school. We also appreciate her bringing cubing to our school!
  • Mrs Brozer has accepted a position at Yorkson Creek Middle School. She has been part of the James Hill community for a number of years and I have had the privilege of working with her for my years here. Her dedication to the school is matched by few as she was always here early (before her shift started) to open up the library to support students and families. We will miss her witty sense of humour, her laugh, and her incredible care for the students and staff of our school.
    • Mrs Christianson has accepted this position and will be back next year as an SEA.
  • Mrs Driedger has also accepted a position at Yorkson Creek Middle School as it is closer to home for her. She has worked in our school for the past two years and many students have seen the impact of her efforts and teachings. We will miss her dedication, organization and caring nature with kids and wish her nothing but success at Yorkson.
    • Mrs Fraser has accepted this position and will be back next year as an SEA.
  • Mrs Monkman has started her journey to become a teacher so will be completing her teaching practicum in the Chilliwack School District in the fall. We have learned so much from her work here and will continue to use the many stratgies and ideas she has implement. We will also miss her dedication, sense of humour stroing relationships with kids. Good luck to her in her practicum!
  • Mrs Kelsey was in a term position this year but will be on maternity leave next year. We will miss her calm, even, approach with students and her caring efforts to support all those she worked with.
  • Miss Warkentin was also in a term position this year and will be exploring jobs in a variety of fields (although we hope she stays in the district as an SEA!). Our school will miss her smile, sense of humour and never-ending care that she showed to so many students in the school.
  • Miss Aplas has accepted a part-time position at Shortreed Elementary for next year. We will miss her calm and caring nature and willingness to do whatever it takes to help students succeed!
    • Mrs McMillan has accepted this position and will be back next year as an SEA.
  • Mrs De Commerford joined us for the last few months of school. She brought a real positive lens to our school and we will miss her care, dedication and willingness to step up and support in wichever way was needed.
  • Mrs Thornley worked as our Youth Care Worker for about 2/3 of the year. She was able to not only help many students with friendships and social learninger, she was also able to teacher many of classes about the importance of “Whole Body Listening”. We will miss her smile and love for her kids and their growth and development.
  • GrowthPoint Learning Centre is closing and we will miss Monica, Melissa, Brenda, and all other staff members. Monica knew our students so well… those who were in the after school program knew that Monica had something awesome planned for them or that she would be creating something in their area of interest. The care she shared for our community is one that might not ever be replicated by a childcare provider. She knew our kids and was willing to do anything and everything to meet their needs. We wish Monica and the staff nothing but the best in the years to come.
  • Mrs Simonetto will be serving the school in the role of principal next year as I move on to start a journey at Shortreed Community Elementary School.

Some important information about September:

  • School is back in session on Tuesday, September 4.
  • Students will go back to their old classroom (some with the same teacher but others with new teachers) and they will work in this classroom for the day. They will also be notified of the classroom and teacher they will be in for the week. Dismissal is at 10:30.
  • New students will report to the libary, be welcomed and given a tour from a teacher. They will be assigned to a class with their peers for the week.
  • Students will report to their new (temporary) classrooms for Wednesday-Friday.
  • Teachers will continue to work on class placements during the week. Students will be placed in their 2018-19 classes on Monday, September 10.
  • Click here to see what the first week of September 2017 looked like.

The office will be open Wednesday through Friday next week.

Have a great summer!

C. Wejr