Principal’s Blog

  • Diversity & Respect February 8, 2021- Each year during Diversity and Respect Week, schools engage in learning activities that foster an appreciation of diversity in our communities. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and work in an environment that values each other’s strengths and uniqueness. One of the objectives in our education plan is to ensure all learners value diversity and... Read more »
  • Strength of 2020 February 2, 2021- What strength did I gain in 2020, a year most of us would rather just forget. A year filled with uncertainty, fear, setbacks, and so much unwelcomed change?  Soon I realized – resilience.  In March of 2020 life as we knew it shuddered to a halt and we were handed disappointments and challenges largely outside... Read more »
  • JHE APFL (Action Plan for Learning) -School Culture January 18, 2021- JHE Culture This year as a staff we have been taking a look at our school culture, which is the set of norms, values and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, symbols and stories that make up the ‘persons’ of our school. Our JHE school culture derives from our educators having the unwavering belief the ability of... Read more »