Newsletter: July 3, 2019

July 3, 2019

Dear James Hill Families,

It is with disbelief that I compose the final newsletter for the year. We have had so many incredible learning opportunities, so many community events and so many happy times this year, it is hard to believe the year has come to a conclusion. On behalf of all staff, we want to thank all families for your support throughout the year, both at home and at the school. For me personally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the James Hill parents and staff for welcoming me so warmly into the school. It has been a great year of learning and connection for me in my first year as principal at JHE! If you are interested in some of the learning that took place around our Action Plan for Learning goals this year, please check out my blog post here:

This past week we had our Summer Reading Book Fair where each student in the school was gifted with up to 25 books! This was such a special event for all students and was a tremendous endeavour throughout the year for the team that supports this for our students. Special thanks to Mrs. Peck and the PAC making this incredible opportunity available to our students!

This week we said farewell to our grade fives! We are so proud of each of our grade five students for the hard work they have put forth during their time at James Hill. You are truly leaders; you show kindness and respect on a daily basis. We wish all grade fives well as they begin their next chapter into grade six. We will miss you at James Hill! To families that say farewell to JHE, we will miss you! Thank you for all your time and effort over the years to bring home and school together to support the kids.

The year concluded with an amazing Talent Show featuring various students acts such as singing, drawing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, dance and many, many more. It was inspirational to see the students showcase their unbelievable talents for the school. It truly was a celebration for a year of hard work! Thank you to all parents who came to join us and cheer students on. The staff wanted to surprise the students with their own contribution of talents, so the show opened with this fun video. You can see the students’ live reaction at the end of the video, as the ‘video’ became reality!

Breakfast Club:

We want to say a sincere thank you to the Breakfast Club Volunteers that helped keep food in our students’ tummies all year long so they could start the day ready to learn. Special thanks to the lead team, Ms. Radbourne, Mrs. Diebert and Mr. Growchowsk for all their work planning and preparing meals, organizing volunteers and keeping the Breakfast Club running!

School Supplies- order deadline July 5!

Final reminder to purchase your school supplies prior to July 5!

Below this memo are the instructions on how to order your School Supplies for your child’s next year’s grade (also sent out via email this past week).  The list has been chosen by our teachers and put together as a package from Staples,  the company we use to order our supplies.

This is an online ordering form with a specific code for each grade.  There are two options for kits.  Option 1 has no headphones and Option 2 has headphones.  You may choose the kit you  like.  If you have headphones at home you may send those to school in the Fall with your child.  Please use your child’s name when filling out the online form so we know who to give the kit to in September.  (with parents/children with different last names it can be tricky). Thank you.

You may also go into the store to pay if you wish.  Please take the attached letter to the store  to be sure your child’s supplies arrive with the other kits.

In September your child will receive duo-tangs from their teacher and the payment will be made through School Cash Online.   (We order in bulk and we, as teachers, like the students to have the same coloured duo-tangs as it makes it easier for organizing our subjects).

SchoolToolsDearParentsLetter Grade 1

SchoolToolsDearParentsLetter Grade 2

SchoolToolsDearParentsLetter Grade 3

SchoolToolsDearParentsLetter Grade 4

SchoolToolsDearParentsLetter Grade 5

Call for assistance, please call Staples: 1-866-Staples

Summer Reading:

Your child enjoyed a fun time shopping for books to read during the summer.  As always, please keep the books your child loves and we will be happy to accept any books you would like to donate back.  We stamp our books on the inside cover.  We will also take any books you would like to donate to our school.  This can happen throughout the year.  We have a box in the office to collect the books.

This year we are asking for all of the book bags to be returned to the school.  They can be placed in the office with the books.   Staples bags are very sturdy for the number of books the children take home.   The Staples bags have changed and we are not sure we can get them again for our reading program.  We appreciate your support in returning the bags to the school.  

We continue to be very appreciative of the generous donation from Dairy Queen on Fraser Highway, (just before the one way).  They have donated an ice cream treat to each child to enjoy while reading this summer.

We thank Staples’ for their generous donation of the book bags.  The bags are very sturdy to carry home the many books the children choose.

Thank you very much for your support and donations to this very important event.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. B. Peck  and Mrs. Gallichen


Farewells to Staff:

We sadly say goodbye to several staff members as the year comes to an end. Some staff are moving to new locations, some are retiring and some are seeking new opportunities. For all of those leaving, we are so thankful for your work at James Hill and your commitment to kids. You will be missed!

Ms. Knowler was also an SEA in our grade five classroom. We will miss her expertise and creative ideas when working with students. Good luck in the next chapter, Ms. Knowler!

Mrs. MacMillan was an SEA in several of our primary and our intermediate classes. Her versatile skills and strengths will be missed in our James Hill staff. We wish her all the best as she moves on to support in a  middle school next year.

Mrs. Premack was an SEA in our intermediate and primary classes. We will certainly miss her team-attitude and smiling face around the school. Mrs. Premack has accepted a position in a school closer to her home so she can spend more time with family. We wish her all the best!

Ms. Christianson​ was an SEA in our primary and intermediate classes as well. She was the leader of Brain Gym and we give her full credit for bringing this awesome program to James Hill! Ms. Christianson has accepted a job at a middle-high school for the Fall. You will be missed!

Mr. Bergen​ taught 2 days a week in our grade 4/5 classroom with Miss Anderson. We have appreciated his relaxed demeanour and willingness to do just about anything! He will be working at RC Garnett in the fall. We wish him well in his future classroom

Ms. Mostat​ replaced Mrs. Johnson in her grade 4/5 classroom when she went on maternity leave. She has done a wonderful job with the students in this class in a very short amount of time. Best of luck in the future, Ms. Mostat!

Mrs. Simard​ taught grade one this year and did a fabulous job connecting with our students. We have always appreciated her smiley face and warm presence. Mrs. Simard has accepted a full-time position in a kindergarten classroom in a neighbouring school in the fall! Congratulations to you!

Mrs. Coffin​ taught grade 2/3 this year at James Hill alongside Mrs. Gill. Mrs. Coffin has chosen to work closer to home so she can spend more time with her young family. We will miss Mrs. Coffin’s cheerful energy and contagious laughter!

Mrs. Gill​ taught grade 2/3 this year with Mrs. Coffin. She is moving into a new position for ELL! We have appreciated Mrs. Gill’s kind and calm way at JHE. Best wishes on your next chapter!

Mrs. Holyoak joined us in November as our Administrative assistant in the office, replacing Mrs. Bridgen. During her time at James Hill she set up many systems to help staff and parents manage payments and registrations with greater ease. We have appreciated her hard work and wish her all the best in her retirement!

Mrs. Lambert is retiring after 20 years at James Hill! It will be hard to imagine JHE without Mrs. Lambert. She has been a caring and kind educator, known for her team attitude and her deep care for kids. Mrs. Lambert has always put kids first and helped all students fall in love with sports and athletics. She will be very missed at James Hill, but we wish her many wonderful adventures ahead as she enters retirement!


Important Fall Dates:

Tuesday, September 3: School is in session 8:45-10:30 am; New Kindergartens do not attend; Returning students go to their old classroom exterior doors. New JHE Students go to library learning commons.

Wednesday, September 4: First full day of school

Saturday, September 14: Kindergarten Playdate in AM (details to come out in the fall)


We hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing summer break. See you in September!

Mrs. Kendra Simonetto