Diversity & Respect

February 8, 2021

Each year during Diversity and Respect Week, schools engage in learning activities that foster an appreciation of diversity in our communities. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and work in an environment that values each other’s strengths and uniqueness. One of the objectives in our education plan is to ensure all learners value diversity and have a strong sense of belonging. One of the key areas we will focus on to achieve this will be to ensure all learning environments are physically, socially and culturally inclusive and are responsive to the diversity of learners and their families.

 All children in our schools should feel safe and have the opportunity to learn in a culture of respect as inclusiveness is fundamental to education. Diversity makes our communities stronger, and we encourage all our families to start a conversation about the importance of diversity and to continue that conversation after this week is over.

As we want diversity and respect to continue throughout the year, at James Hill Elementary we will be donning Pink Shirts every Wednesday and Kindness Shirts every Friday for people who are interested, for the remainder of the year.

I have attached an email for those of you that are interested in supporting the Langley School District Foundation Kindness t-shirts. They can be purchased online at www.langleyschooldistrictfoundation.com. All proceeds go to support hungry students.