10 Good Things to Talk About – November 17

November 18, 2017

Families of James Hill,

Here are some good things to talk about with your child and friends this weekend:

1. Home Sweet Homes  Students in Mrs Reavley’s class took a lot of time this week to dive deeper into learning about various Indigenous homes that have been historically used around Canada. Students spent time researching and learning, completing a thinking routine called “chalk talk”, and then creating their own plank houses, igloos, tipis, and longhouses (designing and building them all on their own!).

2. Domo Arigato Mr Roboto  Miss Ford’s students did some thinking this week through a design challenge called the “balancing robot”. Students were given a paper robot that they had to colour and, with 2 pennies, build to balance on a finger, a shelf… and even their noses!  No shortage of smiles with this challenge! Not sure if anybody named theirs Kilroy! (sorry for the 80s music reference that I am sure will show my age… but who doesn’t love Styx!?!?)

3. Warning: Mold Growing in the East Wing  Students in Mrs Brooks’ class are investigating the impact of different variables on mold growth with some food in their classroom…. and not just in that sandwich container in their backpacks from 3 weeks ago.  They have been hard at work learning about plants, animals, habitats, and ecosystems.  Lately, Division 6 students have been focusing on the food chain and using mysteryscience.com to guide them through some thinking about what eats what.  In their last lesson, they discussed how some things ‘disappear’ and might not exactly be eaten.  Decomposers are at work in our environment and have a significant effect at this time of year as the leaves are falling from the trees and coming to rest on the ground.  To test out their decomposing hypotheses they put together an experiment using plates of food to grow mold.  They kept one plate as a basic plate for a comparison (control) and then altered other food plate environments by adding water, salt, or sugar, or by placing it under a lamp or in the fridge.  We’ll see in a couple weeks what they grow!   

4. Going Batty in Kindergarten! Ms McColl and Ms Juzkow’s classes are studying spiders and bats in science, math and language arts. They have been learning about kinds of spiders and bats, their food, habits, enemies and body parts. This week, they invited a biologist form Northwest Wildlife to give a hands-on presentation on some flying friends, including a slideshow on bats. They used their senses to observe and even feel the bat’s skeleton and touch an owl’s feathers!   

5. Reaching the Finish Line  Our cross-country team season came to a close last week as they went for their last community run. The students have put in an awesome effort this year in practices and meets and a special thank you to Mrs Lambert for her volunteer time as a coach.

6. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner  The prizes were announced for our Entertainment Book fundraiser today. Keith B will be “Principal for the Day”, Summer B won the prize package, Lachlan S and the Dubreil Bros won front row tickets to Christmas concert on Dec 14.  Mrs Johnson’s class won the class trip to Extreme Air Park. Thank you to all those who sold and bought the books to help support our school.

7. Thinking in Pictures In Language Arts, as Mrs Johnson read the class novel “Holes”, the students paid close attention to visualizing the different scenes taking place. Mental pictures are the cinema unfolding in your mind that make reading three-dimensional. Visualization helps readers engage with text in ways that make it personal and memorable and readers adapt their images as they continue to read. Students illustrated the different mental images they developed in their mind while a few chapters were being read to them. A great way to connect to the reading!

8. A Special Christmas Card  There is never a shortage of care in Mrs Hobbs classroom and the students are now spreading this care overseas. As stated last week, a few of our classes are continuing the tradition of sending Christmas cards to members of our military who are away from their families serving in other countries. The students were thrilled to be able to finish the cards off and send them on their way.

9. Beaded Beauties  Our K/1 students had the privilege of spending some time with one of our cultural presenters, Auntie Helen, and learn the art of making beautiful beaded bracelets. Miss Baird’s students were excited to share their new jewellery… as they even made one for the principal!

10. The Wonder of Weaving – Mr Graber’s class was honoured to learn from Metis cultural presenter, Deni Paquette, about the identity and history of Metis People in Canada. With this, they spent time learning about the importance of the Metis sash and had the opportunity to make their own.