Good Things and The Week Ahead – May 21

May 21, 2018

Families of James Hill,

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend! Here are some awesome things that have happened at our school followed by some updates and reminders for the week ahead:

Good Things to Talk About

They’re HERE!  Ms Juzkow and Ms McColl’s students came in to find some new guests in their classrooms as the eggs they have been observing hatched overnight! The students were so excited to see chicken growth and development up close!

Inuit Games  Inuit Cultural Presenter Jennie Heyes was here a few times this week to spend time in a couple classes teaching about Inuit Life and Culture. She shared about the many ways Inuit People survive and thrive in the cold temperatures and then taught Mrs Kazakoff’s class some Inuit games. The following day, she came in and taught Mrs Books’ class about soapstone carving.  Mrs Heyes is the mother of our Aboriginal Support Worker, Ms Kathryn, and will be one of the people whom we are honouring at our Reconciliation Gathering on Tuesday.

Extra, Extra!  Students in Division 1 tried out careers in journalism! They researched discriminatory policies that occurred in Canada’s past and wrote newspaper articles to share what they learned with the world. Check out their articles on residential schools, head tax, and other topics on display outside their classrooms.

On Your Mark…  Our grade 3-5 students were out on a lovely spring morning to showcase some of their athletic ability in our track meet. There were many highlights that showcased effort, skill, determination, and sportsmanship. One grade 5 student fell in the 200m race and 3 students stopped the race to make sure he was ok – a truly selfless act!  For those students who placed in the top 2 in the event, they will be travelling to LSS on Wednesday, May 30. Info will be sent home this Wednesday.

Board Games – Mrs Hobbs’ students created board games last week and this week invited their buddy class, Mrs Johnson’s class, to come and challenge them to some friendly competitive games.

Out of Style? Mrs Brooks’ students have been learning a bit about pioneer life and had the recent chance to try on some clothing that was in style back in the day. The students thought it was pretty comical to wear some clothing that was necessary and respectable in pioneer times.

Builders and Bulldozers  Mrs Giddings has been in to teach PE to our students this past week. She took advantage of the nice weather to get the kids outside for a number of different tag and movement games. The kindergarten students loved “Builders and Bulldozers” where one group of students knocks over the cones while the other tries to build them up.

Beautiful Butterflies – Mrs Coffin’s students explored the separation of one colour into many clours through chromatography… and made beautiful butterfly art!

A School Effort – Our whole school community has been preparing for our Reconciliation Gathering that is happening on Tuesday at 1:00pm.  Our staff reconciliation committee has been putting all the ideas into action and completing lengthy “to-do” lists; our student reconciliation committee has been bringing in artefacts that are important to them (on display in the foyer); our PowWow dancers have been practicing (and Mrs Edwards, Ms Candido, Ms Redwood have been making the dresses); our parents andstudents have been helping with decoration and creating Indigenous-themed artwork to put on our banners for the gym; and many of our staff members spent after school time creating giveaways for the event. I am humbled by the efforts of our school to ensure this event is authentic and respectful of our journey of reconciliation. We hope you can join us in our gym on Tuesday for this important event.

Creativity Shines – Mrs Johnson’s students have been reading “City of Ember” where the characters had to survive with limited resources (including no electricity). Inspired by this novel, Mrs Johnson gave her students the challenge of creating tools out of recycled materials to help them survive in similar conditions.

Article Why Our Kids Need to Learn About Residential Schools – a good reminder of why this topic is important in our schools.


The Week Ahead

Our Reconciliation Gathering takes place on Tuesday at 1pm. We are expecting over 400 people (students, staff, district staff, and community) to this event so please come before 1 to get a seat.

Our Welcome to K takes place this Thursday afternoon. Please note that current K students will be dismissed at 12:45 on this day.

Our Young Entrepreneurs Show takes place this Friday at 12:55. Students and community members will have a chance to come through and buy products created by Miss Ford’s class. An invitation was emailed on Friday but prices will range from $0.50-$4.00 so, if you can support the students, please come by and/or send your child with some money to buy a product(s).

Friday is Popcorn Day – bags will be sold for $1.

Friday is Crazy Hair Day!!!

Have a great week!