Good Things and the Week Ahead – June 3

June 3, 2018

Families of James Hill,

The latest Good Things to Talk About is below followed by some info and updates about the Week Ahead. I missed the Good Things last week so there is plenty of JH awesomeness this week!

Good Things to Talk About

Reconciliation Gathering – On May 22, our school hosted a traditional gathering led by leaders from the Kwantlen First Nation. There were 3 parts to this event: to honour 5 residential school survivors whose strength has had a direct and/or indirect impact on our school, to honour Miss Bonnie (our former Aboriginal Support Worker), and to raise our reconciliation plaque as a commitment to our continued work in this area. The efforts and dedication of our school helped to make this an event I will always remember.  The survivors (Nancy Pennier (friend, former colleague, and mentor of Mr Wejr), Josette Dandurand (cultural  presenter and mother of Luke Dandurand of SD35), Jennie Heyes (cultural presenter and mother of Miss Kathryn), Flore Turney (mother of Miss Bonnie), and Garlene Dodson (family friend of Miss Bonnie)) were honoured in an authentic manner (blanketed and honoured in a traditional way) and in such a way that led one of the survivors (Garlene Dodson) to say, “I left a lot here today”.  Seeing our students (Tila, Ephesians, Nakota, and Tianna) dance for the survivors was a moment that warmed the hearts of all of us. The plaque will be up on the wall in the foyer but our work is not done in this area; we must continue to learn the truth, share the truth, and create actions of reconciliation for years to come. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit – Miss Ford’s students created and marketed their own products and had the chance to sell them to our community last Friday as part of the Young Entrepreneur’s Showcase. Many students sold out and learned a ton about markets, product development, and sales. Thank you for supporting the showcase.

On Track! 60 James Hill students travelled to McLeod Park on Wednesday for our LSS/ACSS family of schools regional track meet. The students did very well and showed determination, sportsmanship, and athletic ability. Congratulations to all those athletes who attended.

Sing Sing Sing! Our James Hill choir performed three beautiful songs, (Here Comes the Sun, Beauty and the Beast, and What a Wonderful World) for our school during our assembly on Thursday. Check out our Facebook Page for a video of Here Comes the Sun.

Sharing the Strengths – We honoured our final group of grade 5s on Thursday for their strengths, talents, and interests. I always enjoy hearing our teachers share what they see as strengths and then reading the student surveys that often state the same strengths that the teachers see.

Poetry Slam – Cafe Atwal hosted their first Poetry Slam on Friday as all students shared a variety of poems (Rhyme, Free Verse, Bio, Concrete, and Acrostic) both written by others and written by the students. Division 1 enjoyed some hot chocolate and treats in the cafe.

A Souper Lesson – Mrs Kazakoff’s students created some yummy and healthy stone soup as a follow up to the story they read about why stones can be added to the bottom of soup. Not much better than eating after learning!

When I Grow Up… – Mrs Hobbs’ students have been researching and learning about different potential careers. I even had a student come and “officially” interview me about life as a principal! The results of their learning are on display outside their classroom.

Local Indigenous Medicines – Miss Anderson’s students travelled to Campbell Valley with cultural presenter, Karen Gabriel, to learn about local vegetation and how it can be used for food and medicines.

A Healthy Smile – Miss Baird’s students welcomed in a Dental Hygienist into their classroom to share the importance of dental health. She also shared what it is like to have a career as a hygienist.

A “Kinder” Snailery – Ms McColl’s students have been busy studying the life cycles of chickens and learning about other animals that come from eggs in science. One of the students brought in some snails so they made her “Snailery” into a center in the classroom. The students became snail scientists and the students quickly got over being squeamish about touching snails!

Gaming Their Learning – Mrs Jankoviak’s math students were thrilled to get to play on their new laminated math board games… ones they created themselves!  Students in the class also travelled to Fort Langley to the museum to get a guided tour of local history.

Dancing With the Chickens – Miss Juzkow’s students were so excited to welcome their hatched chickens to their classroom that they participated in their own classroom chicken dance… with the chickens! Check out the video on Instagram and Facebook.

Nice Do! Many students donned their “interesting” do’s as part of Crazy Hair day last week.

A Local Gallery Walk – Mrs Johnson’s class teamed up with a class from HD Stafford and a class from LSS to go on a trip to Fort Langley for gallery walk of 4 art galleries/museums.  Some students were also treated to a personal tour from an LSS Student, Trinity, who shared about her First Nation history and all about the masks that she has created similar to those in the museum.

Cube Club! Mrs Jankoviak’s son has a passion and talent for solving various cubes so she has brought her wisdom in this area to our school as part of our own Cube Club! Students learn new algorithms to help them solve the various cube challenges.

Reading and Writing in Nature – Mr Graber’s students took advantage of the nice weather to find a quiet spot out in nature to finish up their poetry as they prepared for their upcoming poetry slam. They also had a chance for some quiet, relaxing reading.

Stepping Back and Taking It In – Mrs Peck didn’t know what to do the other day as her students took over the learning! The students came in to find books about butterflies in the classroom and they then took over – they asked for some reading time and then started creating posters around the classroom where they shared their learning. I loved the learning buzz in the classroom when I popped in.. and Mrs Peck was just stepping back and taking it in!

Welcome to K – We welcomed our new kindergarten families into our school on May 24. The children spent time with Ms Juzkow, Ms McColl, and Miss Baird while the parents spent time with Mr Wejr doing a “chalk talk” thinking routine about some of their hopes, worries, and questions.

To view the slideshows of images from April and May, click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

The Week Ahead

Sports Day is coming up on Friday! All the details can be found here.

Talent Show information will come out this week. Students will have the chance to audition in their classrooms. If they need to audition with someone from another class, they will be able to do this at lunch (dates TBD).

Thank you to all those who came out and supported our PAC Pub Night. Thousands of dollars were raised for our new AED and learning commons renovation.

Our LSS Grad Walk is coming up again. This year’s walk will come on June 21 after lunch. Join us as we line the halls to cheer on former JHES students who are graduating this year.