Good Things and the Week Ahead – June 10

June 10, 2018

Families of James Hill,

Thank you for all your support of our annual Sports Day… even with the rain, it was a fantastic day! Please take a moment to read the good things happening at our school followed by some updates and reminders for the week ahead. There seems to be an animal theme this week!

Good Things to Talk About

An Awesome West Coast Sports Day! Our 2018 version of Sports Day was a bit wetter than those in the past but there were just as many smiles! Thank you to all those who came out to volunteer and/or cheer on the kids!

Rollin, rollin, rollin… Our 2018 Wheels Parade did not disappoint! We had a police bike, a brothers police chase (cop and robber), a tow truck (for broken down Leafs fans), a peacock, and plenty of balloons and streamers in house team colours. Thank you to all those who helped and participated!

Animals and Kindness – Several primary divisions learned about “Animals and Kindness” from SPCA presenter, Naomi and her tail-wagging sidekick, Elsie. Students learned to pay attention to animals’ body language, how to safely approach pets, and how to gently hold small pets.

Learning About the FVRL – Students from K-5 were introduced to Dennis from the Murrayville public library. Students learned about FVRL’s Summer Reading Club. To sign up or for more information about the club visit the local library.

Helping Local Wildlife – Divisions 12, 13, & 14 joined Miss Sam and our Strongstart families for a presentation by Elizabeth’s Wildlife Centre. Students, families, and teachers learned about how Elizabeth’s Centre helps sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. We also learned what we can all do to help local wildlife. Our presenter was Growthpoint’s own Miss Brenda who is a  volunteer at the wildlife centre. Click here to learn more about the Wildlife Centre.

Gearing Up For Sports Day – Miss Baird’s students were all primed and ready for the Obstacle Course on Sports Day because they had been designing their own all week. They used their “loose parts” time to create ideas, then mapped them out and put them on paper, and then created them in PE class!

Lions and tigers and bears… oh my! Some key members of our resource team travelled to the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove for their “Access Day” on Monday. Students received a tour of the zoo and got to get up close and personal with some large and small animals.

Learning About Metis Culture Mrs Johnson’s students invited cultural presenter, Philip Gladue, to teach them all about Metis Culture. They also had the chance to build their own min tipis. Earlier in the week, the students in Division 4 also had a chance to get outside and do some math in the real world as they were estimating various areas around the playground.

Teaching Empathy With Rescued Animals  Mrs Kazakoff’s students learned a litte bit about kindness and empathy from Mrs Thomas, a parent of a student in the class. Mrs Thomas runs a small animal rescue organization and recently rescued some adorable puppies from a puppy mill. Three puppies joined the class for some cuddly learning.

Future DJ’s  Garage Band has taken over our school lately… and we can thank Mr Steeves and his students for some awesome and creative mixing going on. Intermediate music students were given the challenge of creating their own music using Garage Band on the laptops… and they rose to this challenge and created some great sounds!

Warning: Students May Experience Dizziness – If you notice your child getting a little dizzy at school, it might be due to our new spinners! Thank you to our PAC and all those of you who have helped fundraise for the new playground equipment! The 2 spinners have been installed but we are awaiting the ground cover and woodchips for the one in the primary end.

The Week Ahead

Crazy to realize we only have 3 weeks left!!!

On Monday, James Hill’s next principal will be visiting. Mrs Simonetto will be coming around to classes to meet the staff and students and then hanging out with us at recess and lunch.

Talent show auditions will take place in classes this week. In order for students to audition, they must bring in the forms that were sent home Thursday. You can also download the form here. It must be in by Monday.

Grade 5 swim safety program runs all week this week from 12:00-2:00.  Grade 4’s will be helping with monitoring at lunch.

Popcorn Day this Friday.

Have a great week!