10 Good Things and the Week Ahead – March 11

March 11, 2018

10 11 Good Things to Talk About


1. See the Strengths – We honoured another set of Grade 5s on Friday for all the strengths, talents, and interests they bring to our school. We also watched a slideshow of images from February-March – you can view it here.

2. “Just Right” Learning – Ms McColl’s class has been reading many different versions of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” and retelling the story by acting it out in class. Each child was able to take on the role of either one of the bears or Goldilocks. Some of the students created their own versions including one where the three bears went out on their scooters instead of out for a walk. Some students continued to act the story out on their own during choice time at the house center!

3. Ready, Set, Gogh! Mrs Brooks’s students have been learning about different artist themes and recently took the time to create their own version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Check out their beautiful pieces on display outside their classroom.

4. Grandfather Teachings – As part of our commitment to reconciliation and our awareness of the value in Indigenous Teachings, we are using the Seven Sacred Teachings (or Grandfather Teachings) to develop character strengths and virtues in our students. Our Aboriginal Support Worker,  Miss Kathryn, has been working with each class to introduce the teachings and we have been focusing on one teaching per week. This past week, Miss Kathryn visited Ms Juzkow’s class and taught about the importance of animals in the teachings (ex. two weeks ago our teaching was Humility and the Wolf; last week was Wisdom and the Beaver, and this week is Respect and the animal is the Bison). The students love learning about the teaching of the animals and this kindergarten class is incorporating these teachings into the science curriculum.

5. The Art of Weather – Mr Graber’s students have showcased their artistic talents outside their classroom with their weather-themed artwork with pastel and watercolours.  The class also spent some time last week learning about decimals and percents… while having a discussion about NHL player salaries and taxes!

6. Hip-Hop Hurray! Mrs Coffin and Miss Baird have some students in their class with strengths and interest in hip-hop dance. So what do great teachers do? They tap into this! The classes welcomed one of our dedicated parent volunteers, Tamiko Hinze, into the school as she spent a few classes teaching them some sweet new hip-hop moves. The kids (and teachers) had a blast! Thank you to Miss Tamiko for once again volunteering her time to share her passion for dance.

7. Playing With the Past – Mrs Kazakoff and Mrs Brooks’ students had a guest speaker from the Langley Centennial Museum last week. They were shown artifacts from the past and had to determine the use and functions. Students also brought in their own meaningful artifacts from home to discuss why they are important to them.

8. Paralympic Inspiration – Mrs Lambert used the buzz around the Paralympic Games to inspire students to play a little Sledge Hockey in PE. Students had to use scooters and small broomball sticks to pass and shoot at the opposing goal.

9. Undefeated – The Grade 5 Basketball season came to a close this past week as our team played against schools in the LSS family of schools at a playday at HD Stafford. The team remained undefeated this season and showed incredible teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and effort again. Congratulations on a great season and thank you to Coach Heilbron for all his volunteer time. (Note: I believe the last time a James Hill Basketball team lost may have been in 2014 when they had a coach named Wejr 😉 )

10. Rainbow in the City – Ms Atwal’s students have been learning about perspective in art as they were given the challenge of creating a CityScape in the shape of a wheel and in the colours of the rainbow. Check out their creative pieces on display in their classroom.

11. H2Whoa! Our school welcomed in Dream Rider Productions again this year and this time it was to learn about Water Conservation in their performance, H2Whoa! Students were entertained by comedy while also taught the importance of conserving water while watering lawns, doing laundry, brushing teeth, and taking showers. Check out their free resources on their website.


The Week Ahead

  • A reminder that report cards were published online on Friday. If you cannot access the parent portal, you can request a paper copy through your child’s teacher.
  • With the warmer weather and the completion of our intramural hockey league, students have taken to the hockey box for a little ball hockey. Upon consideration (based on injury prevention), I have decided that only sticks with plastic blades will be permitted while playing hockey at school (shin pads are also not a bad idea!). We have some sticks at the school but grade 2-5 students may bring their sticks from home as long as they have a plastic blade. Grade 4/5 students have the hockey box on M-W-F while grade 2/3 students have it on T-Th.
  • We will be having another earthquake drill on Tuesday before lunch. These drills are not only important for our students but also important for families to reflect on your emergency preparedness.
  • Our Sacred Teaching this week is Respect and the animal is the Bison. We must respect all those around us… plants, animals, the Earth… and each other.
  • Parent-teacher and student-led conferences are Wednesday and Thursday of this week. You can still sign up for a timeslot by going to our SignUp page here.Students will be dismissed at 1:45 on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Friday is the last day before Spring Break… and is BEACH DAY! We encourage all students to wear their fun beach wear to school on Friday (school dress guidelines still apply! 🙂 )
  • I have had a few parents ask me if they can start going on their Identity Day projects at home. Kids are excited about these projects and we love the idea of families supporting the projects. More info will be coming out this week on how to support your child with their project.
  • Following Spring Break, school will be back in session on Wednesday, April 4th (Easter falls within spring break this year).

Have a great week!