10 Good Things and The Week Ahead – Feb 12

February 12, 2018

Families of James Hill,

We hope you had a lovely Family Day Weekend and got to take in some of the beautiful sunny weather! We may see some snow this week so please drive carefully on the roads and through the parking lot.

Here are 10 Good Things to Talk About followed by The Week Ahead:

10 Good Things to Talk About

1. Go Canada Go! Many of our students and staff donned their Red and White gear Friday to cheer on our Olympians and to get into the Olympic Spirit.


2. Club Days Continue  Our 3rd session of Club Days happened on Friday and the school was, once again, buzzing with excitement. Students are spending time exploring a passion or finding a new one!


3. Are You REALLY Listening? Our Youth Care Worker, Mrs Thornley, has been working with classes and students on the importance of listening. She is not simply telling people to “listen better”, rather, she is helping them to use their whole body to listen. They are challenged to use their eyes, ears, hands, feet, brain, and heart to listen when someone else is speaking or when they are learning through observation. The book, Whole Body Listening Larry at School has been used as a platform to start the teachings. Thank you to Mrs Thornley for her efforts with this!

4. Gaming the Salmon Cycle  Mrs Hobbs’ students invited their buddy class, Mrs Johnson’s class, in for a board game based on the salmon cycle. The students have been learning by observing the salmon in their classroom, as part of the salmon enhancement program, and then had a chance to have some fun with their buddies.

5. Using Technology to Connect  Some of our new students come to school and have to learn a new language very quickly. Coming to a new school is already hard so you can imagine the greater challenge when you do not speak English! To help students connect with their classmates, Mrs Brooks was teaching her students how to use the Microsoft Translate app so the device can act as an interpreter.  This helped make her new student more comfortable and gain a better sense of belonging in her first day at school. Mrs Peck and Ms Juzkow also use this tool to help their students communicate with peers. Yet another example of what staff members do to help students BELONG.

6. That’s Classified! Mrs Peck and Mrs Coffin’s students were learning about classification systems in science this past week. Students in Mrs Peck’s class had to sort animals based on systems they came up with. It was interesting to see and hear the students go through a process to sort based on characteristics like size, habitat, mobility, etc. Their thinking skills were put to work when they found some animals that belonged in more than one class.

7. Stretch Those Muscles! Students in Mrs Johnson’s class got to take part in some active learning as they learned about the impact of dynamic and static stretching on muscles in our body. They learned the differences and then headed outside to try the different stretching techniques? Do you know the difference? Watch our Olympians and see which technique they use before their event.

8. Their Moment on Stage! It is no secret that Ms Clayton’s students love to dance. Movement helps with learning so they have been dancing to the song “Thunder” in class… so much that they wanted to perform it for other classes! They threw out an invite and were pleasantly (and nervously) surprised to see the gym full of kids ready to watch them dance, sing, and drum! They did not disappoint as they put on a great show and then inspired the other classes to join them in some fun dancing afterwards. Thank you to Ms Clayton’s class for their energy and courage to perform in front of their peers!

9. We LOVE James Hill! Our staff has been focusing on gratitude and wellness in 2018 and, by chance, our PAC co-chair, Gina Twellmann, had the idea to ask students to write what they love about James Hill (or are thankful for at the school). Many students responded and wrote their thoughts on hearts that are now on display in our front foyer! Please take a few minutes to pop by and read them… there are so many things to be thankful for at our school! Thank you to Ms Twellmann and to all those staff members and students who helped make this board possible.

10. Write On! Sometimes it is hard to get students to write. They can often struggle to get their thoughts down or transfer their ideas from their brains to their paper (or keyboard). A few weeks ago, over half of our teachers attended an evening workshop by author and educator, Lori Jamison, who shared tons of strategies to help with writing. Last week, you could see the impact of this time spent learning together as teachers from K-5 were trying new strategies (and seeing success) to help students with their writing.

The Week Ahead

Our James Hill grade 5 Basketball Team hosts Nicomekl on Tuesday for their 2nd game of the season. Come out and cheer them on as they tip off at 3pm.

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday so there are a number of activities happening this week to show kindness to others. There are some classes having class parties on this day as well.

On Thursday, we invite any parents or caregivers who are interested in developing a better understanding of ADHD to come to a free session with Ted Leavitt. Ted will start speaking at 6pm in the gym and it will go until 8pm. For more info, and to register, click here.

Friday is hot lunch day with hot dogs and Booster Juice. This is also our final session of Club Days.

A reminder that our breakfast program serves up some yummy meals each morning from 8:00-8:30, Students must have adult supervision. As this program is all run by volunteers, we are always in need of help. If you are able to volunteer some days, please click email Marg Deibert. We are also in need of someone willing to take on a larger role that would involve a few mornings per week – if you are able and interested in this (it would be a HUGE help) please email me.  Without volunteers, this wonderful program ceases to run, so please help out with a bit of time. Thank you to all those who already do!

Our PAC Purdy’s fundraiser catalogue went home on Friday. Please check your child’s backpack if you would like to order and support the school. Thank you in advance!

An early reminder that Friday, February 23 is a professional development day so there is no school for students.

Don’t forget to stay informed of events at the school through our Remind text messaging service. Find out how to use this here.

Have a great week!