10 (+2) Good Things to Talk About – January 27

January 27, 2018

Families of James Hill,

Here are 10 12 Good Things to Talk About with your family this weekend! (click on the photos to enlarge)

1. Bring on the Clubs! Students were so excited to head to their clubs yesterday as we started another round of Club Days. Staff (and a parent) offered clubs in areas such as art (drawing, pastels), science (space and experiments), drama, sports, dance, puppetry, scrapbooking, design (builders and design challenges), pottery and Harry Potter. Thank you to staff for putting in the extra effort to make this happen again this year.

2. Going Wild in Kindergarten  This week, Div 13 & 14 students were excited to welcome Darren from Northwest Wildlife back for a second presentation. Students learned about the amazing variety of wildlife species and natural habitats found in B. C. The highlight for students was when they were able to touch and examine actual animal artifacts.

3. Northern Lights at JHES  Students were taking in the Northern Lights as they were working on their Arctic Animal books with Miss Baird.  The scene was projected in their classroom and helped to inspire curiosity and reflection for the Arctic experience.

4. Reading Faces  Emotions  Mrs Atwal’s students played emotion charades this week. One member of each group picked out an emotion from the basket of emotions and had to act it out while the rest of the group tried to guess what the emotion was. The goal was for students to better recognize the body language of their peers and support their fellow classmates in the future! Such important skills!

5. Homes and Habitats  Mrs. Reavley’s students spent time learning and discussing which BC animals live in which habitats.  Students had to match up the pictures and support their decisions.

6. One With the Land  Mrs Johnson’s students had the privilege of learning from cultural presenter, Carman MacKay, on the importance of our relationship to the land and environment. We often tell our students to walk gently on the land, Kwantlen traditional territory, to respect all of those plants and animals that live here.

7. Hot Ticket in Town  So many families are starting to realize the benefit of our StrongStart program with Ms Sam.  On Wednesday, we had over 20 children with their parents/caregivers attend and learn together in our StrongStart classroom. StrongStart is a drop-in program open 1-4pm each school day.

8. Wellness Through Gratitude  More and more research is coming out that proves that taking the time to be grateful helps to create more wellness for both children and adults. We have been focusing on this as a staff and Miss Anderson’s students recently surrounded their door with items they were grateful for. A powerful step in the journey to wellness.

9. A Love of Reading  Ms Clayton and Mrs Peck’s students joined up for some buddy reading this week. It was clear through the interactions and excitement that the students have developed a real love for reading! Earlier in the week, students from these 2 classes also teamed up for some singing and dancing.

10. Hands-on Coding  Mrs Johnson’s students were checking out a new tool in the classroom… the Osmo. The Osmo is a device that works with the iPad to connect a hands-on learning experience with the technology. Students can move tiles to develop skills in numeracy, literacy, and even coding. This past week, the focus was on problem-solving with coding.

11. Safety First  Our RCMP liaison officer, Cst. D. Law, was in earlier this week to share the importance of safety with students from Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Reavley’s classes.

12. Embracing Our History  Students in Mrs Kazakoff’s class have been discussing their heritage and the importance of identity and where we come from. They were thrilled to have a parent, Mr. Sutherland, come in and share his family history from Scotland… and even more thrilled when he arrived in his regalia and played his bagpipes. Mr. Sutherland also pipes for our Remembrance Day Ceremony so we always appreciate his skills and dedication.